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Good morning from MC!

Marie-Chantal Good Morning Blog

At my recent photoshoot with Vanity Fair Spain, I was asked how I manage a routine with five children and a growing business.It’s a question I am asked all the time, so I thought I’d share the answer and some tips with you here. Balancing the needs of my children and the business can be incredibly demanding, so it’s important for me to have some form of organized routine in the morning, to make things as straightforward as possible!

Marie-Chantal, Vanity Fair Spain Cover

Vanity Fair Spain Cover

Marie-Chantal, Good Morning Breakfast

I’m always up with the light, so at the moment that’s around 6am. The two youngest, Aristides and Odysseas, come into our bedroom for some TV at 6.45am, then it’s getting the kids dressed in their school uniforms and downstairs for breakfast by 7.30am. My ‘me time’ is all about my hair – if it looks good it takes me five minutes to get ready, if it looks bad then I need an extra 30 minutes to look presentable. Olympia, my eldest, comes down last, usually at 7.50am and it’s a scramble to get them all fed and ready to leave. We always have a good, healthy cooked breakfast on school days. Eggs and sausages, toast, cereals and bacon are their favorites. I make up a fresh juice every day and force them to have at least half a glass…it’s usually carrot and apple in the juicer.  When I add other vegetables they never touch it!


We always do the school run and have a great routine, but the youngest Aristides, who’s four, always gets into school last and sometimes late. We have five kids in five different schools, so it needs military precision! They all have their own space in the car and will call first dibs to get the front seat. We listen to music and have fun on the way to school. I think music is great for kids, it makes the journey more entertaining. I sometimes prepare a special lunch box for the kids and have designed these fun little paper boxes, napkins and stickers that say ‘Mummy’s Deli’. I love them but my daughter Olympia thinks they’re ridiculous and she’ll regularly pull off the sticker. My passion for design and creativity never stops; my head is always on to something new and fun.

Marie-Chantal, Good Morning


Once the kids are all in school, then if we have time I’ll have a coffee somewhere with my husband – the gym or the café around the corner are our usual spots. We enjoy each others company and I think spending time out of the house is healthy. I’m at the office between 9am and 10am. Now that spring is here, I need to find time for the gym so I can squeeze into my jeans – I manage that into my day at least three times a week.


Weekends are all about fun and friends at home. I let the kids have as many friends as they like over; our house is always busy and very loud. Over the weekend, Aristides and Odysseas are usually dressed in jeans, chinos with a T-shirt, or a striped jumper, which are easy to wear and play-proof! We’ll head out to the park with all three dogs and the two youngest will usually wear their favorite MC quilted jacket. My husband and I are very focused on raising happy, healthy kids and we try to keep life varied and exciting. After all, childhood should be the most fun, happy and memorable time.

Marie-Chantal, Weekend Time