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Vanity Fair Spain

Marie-Chantal, Vanity Fair Spain Cover

Vanity Fair Spain Cover

Marie-Chantal of Greece, and her 16 year old daughter Olympia are the cover girls of this month’s Vanity Fair Spain!
The photoshoot took place at Marie-Chantal’s beautiful home in London.

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Watch the behind the scenes video of the first interview that mother & daughter have done together! Take a glimpse into the private life of modern day princesses…

Marie-Chantal, Vanity Fair Spain Behind the Scenes Video

Vanity Fair Spain behind the scenes video

Like a real Princess…

“It was an exceptional occasion. I got into a car and drove through London escorted, while traffic stopped as we passed. Such fun! I would not want that to be my every day, but it happened once and it’s a good memory to keep”

Marie-Chantal and Princess Olympia

Olympia, and her mother, Marie-Chantal