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Calgary Avansino


‘I met Calgary when I first moved to London. She’s a great sunshine personality and I love reading her healthy living blog.’ – MC

Discover how to pack the perfect holiday wardrobe for kids with our first guest blog by mum of two, Vogue’s Calgary Avansino.

There is nowhere better in the world to recharge your body, mind and soul than California. As a native I may be biased, but the sunshine, sea air and the general positivity are hard to beat for both adults and children. We always head to Santa Barbara because it’s just the right combination of relaxed beach fun, outdoor kids activities, and sophisticated amenities – plus guaranteed warm weather and delicious, healthy food!

In preparation for any trip my control freakish tendencies kick in early. I start laying out clothes in our spare bedroom weeks before, making piles for each child and myself (my husband fends for himself) to be sure I don’t forget anything. My overall packing ethos is versatility and ease. Outfits have to be flexible for a variety of occasions – sundresses, like the ones you see here, that can be worn for active day outings and just as easily be dressed up with a nice cardigan for a family dinner out. Nothing that needs to be pressed, nothing they can’t get on by themselves, and nothing my girls don’t like (even if I do) because no one wants a battle on holiday. My girls love Marie-Chantal’s dresses because they are “fancy” but equally they are comfortable and durable so we’re both happy. And her jumpers, shorts and skirts are always staples in our suitcase.

We do a lot of long-haul travel as a family so my routine is well rehearsed and my kids know the drill. I always bring our own food on the plane so they are guaranteed to eat well, I surprise them with at least two new downloads on their iPads, I bring hundreds of stickers and colored paper to make cards for whoever we are visiting (but they usually end up putting the stickers all over their bodies as tattoos, but I’m ok with anything that keeps them occupied), and I stock an assortment of little “gifts” (nothing expensive: a pack of new pens, a card game, a stamp set etc.) which I bring out whenever they start to get fidgety.

I’m definitely missing the sunny California skies as I look out my London window writing this but until next time we have memories of a great family holiday.


Calgary’s two daughters pictured in our Tangerine Jersey Dress (right) and our
new Border Print Maxi Dress (left)

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