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A Royal Newborn Wardrobe


Jane Taylor-Hayhurst with her son.

Jane Taylor-Hayhurst with her son.

Jane Taylor-Hayhurst, Style Editor at The Times Magazine, picks the perfect newborn wardrobe for the royal baby.

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous and precious time for every family, and this time is no different for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who must by now be beside themselves with excitement at the prospect of meeting their little bundle of joy. As any mum-to-be knows, the key to making those first few weeks run smoothly is preparation, and we’ve seen Catherine, like every other expectant mummy, shopping for Moses baskets, buggies and no doubt lots of essentials for those first few exciting (and sometimes nerve wracking) few weeks.

The first thing any baby is dressed in is a babygrow, and little baby Wales will be no different. Who could resist Marie-Chantal’s Angel Wing onesies from $79, perfect for any newborn and an absolute essential for everyday wear in his or her first few weeks. These also come in handy gift sets, so it’s worth stocking up on them, you’ll be amazed how many you get through.

Also a great buy for the early few weeks, or a brilliant gift for a newborn, is Marie-Chantal’s baby hairbrush, made from the softest goat hair, its perfect for small babies. Every cot needs a little toy, and the soft bear rattle $32 is a sweet, fun toy for mummy to play with and soft enough to keep in the cot for when she’s a little older.

As baby Cambridge is a summer baby, the warmer days will be perfect for walks and the velour bear suit, $95 is perfect for a light extra layer to keep a cool breeze at bay.

Finally, the best advice I was given as a new mummy is simple; relax and enjoy every minute of this very special time together.

Royal New Born Wardrobe

1. Marie-Chantal Bib Set $65
2. Marie-Chantal Angel Wing Cardigan $195
3. Marie-Chantal Star and Crown Cardigan $195
4. Marie-Chantal Angel Wing Velour Footie $79
5. Marie-Chantal Gold Angel Wing Velour Footie $89 & Capucine Rabbit Rattle $32
6. Marie-Chantal Velour Bear Suit $95
7. Marie-Chantal Romper $135
8. Marie-Chantal Pinafore $159
9. Marie-Chantal Fox Embroidered Onesie $59
10. Marie-Chantal Lightweight Tino Blanket $159
11. Marie-Chantal Baby Hairbrush $16
12. Marie-Chantal Baby Comes Home Gift Set $195