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A. En route to Paris // B. Tino just swinging around // C. Wheeeeeeee!// D. Happy Birthday Aristides!// E. Tino and Odysseas// F. Father & son

In her latest blog, our founder Marie-Chantal shares snaps from her family trip to Paris and top packing tips for traveling with kids.

As you may have seen from my Instagram snaps, I recently visited the magical city of Paris with my five children to celebrate Aristides’ 5th birthday. After hopping on the Eurostar, we arrived in Paris where we enjoyed a trip to the fair and magnificent views of the city. Aristides loved waking up to chocolate cake and birthday balloons!


Traveling with five children is never easy, so it helps to be as organized as possible! I’ve found these great traveling bags at Muji that make packing a breeze. Simply get your outfits together, and:

1)    Layer a T-shirt under a hoodie or sweater
2)    Fold up trousers or shorts
3)    Place them at the back, folding in the sleeves
4)    Fold over the bottom
5)   Then the hood, until you have a neat parcel
6)   Place in traveling bag with shoes & underwear.


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