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Back to School 2013


I love new seasons because it is a time of change: we all feel it in the air, that subtle wind that blows a little bit stronger than usual with a pinch of cold. A reminder that winter is around the corner. I have this memory of me when I was nine riding along on my ten-speed bike. It’s the end of August. I’m heading out fishing with my kit on my back and there is a whisp of cold in the air. Wonderful blue New England skies all around, the midday sun high above and out of the blue a crisp chill. When I was little we used to spend the last ten days of August with my father’s parents in Cape Cod, New England. It was the end of summer. School was around the corner. There was apprehension, but also excitement. I was excited to see my friends and also to spend a few days before school getting ready with my mother.

Now a mother myself, I have to keep track of one girl and four boys in five different schools – which could sound like a nightmare. But a few years ago I created the ‘Children’s Diary‘ to manage school information and my kids’ lives in one tidy book. There are useful spaces for personal details, schedules and important contacts, as well as London and New York city guides with my favourite restaurants and activities for kids. I love this diary and couldn’t live without it!

To get my two youngest ready for school, I get as much as I can from the Marie-Chantal collection. Having so many boys has given me a need to create the perfect boys’ wardrobe, so I’ll head to my shop for a fall fit out.  I especially love the Marie-Chantal Riding Jacket as it is perfect for the change of season. Lightweight yet warm and cosy, we do it every year in two colours for boys and girls.


The bigger boys, Tino and Achileas, are more of a challenge to dress as they’ve generally grown out of last year’s clothes and it’s a scramble to get them kitted out. I find I’m all over London looking for the perfect T-shirts, sweaters, shirts and pants. As for Olympia, she prefers to organise herself (sniff)!