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Marie-Chantal and her sister Alexandra Von Furstenburg

Marie-Chantal and her sister Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Marie-Chantal interviews her younger sister Alexandra Von Furstenberg in our latest blog.

What was it like being the youngest in the family?

Growing up as the youngest of three girls was fantastic. We had each other when we needed a friend, someone to laugh and giggle with while on holiday, borrow clothes and go shopping with- Being the youngest I was never alone!  One of my funniest childhood memories was when I stuck M&Ms up Marie-Chantal’s nose while she was sleeping on a flight! It was hilarious but then I got so scared I had done something horribly wrong and dangerous.

What drew you to the world of fashion?

I have always loved fashion and knew without question that I would pursue it in my adult life. After Parsons School of Design and Brown University I went to work for Diane Von Furstenberg as the creative director from 1996 – 2003. After my separation from my now ex-husband (Diane’s son) I didn’t think it would be healthy to stay on working there.  So after a few years of settling into my own and reinventing myself, I transferred my experience and talent into furniture designs. I proudly launched my own business in the spring of 2008. My furniture and home accessories are sold worldwide.

How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood changes you…you are responsible for another human being wholly and completely – that’s HUGE!  I would do anything for my children. Motherhood has taught me so much, not just with the obvious like deep love, patience and endurance but it has made me aware of who I am. I lead by example for my children.

A. Alexandra Von Furstenburg and her son // B. Alexandra Von Furstenburg and her daughter

A. Alexandra Von Furstenburg and her son, Tassilo  // B. Alexandra Von Furstenberg and her daughter, Talita

How do you stay close to your sisters?

There’s no question life gets busy with kids, work and time zones…it’s hard keeping up weekly calls with me living in the States and my sisters in the UK so texting, emailing and Instagram are a big help. Not to mention planning holidays altogether.

Whats the best piece of sisterly advice youve ever given or received?

If it gives you great joy & makes you happy that’s all that matters. Go for it – love always prevails.

C. Tassilo & Talita D. Pia, Marie-Chantal & Alexandra

C. Tassilo & Talita D.  Marie-Chantal,  Alexandra and Pia

Find out more about Alexandra at www.alexandravonfurstenberg.com