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Pumpkin shadow puppet

Girls_286Interior stylist and author Sania Pell shows us how to recreate the pumpkin shadow puppets used in our Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign.

This friendly pumpkin mask is the perfect Halloween accessory that can be used again year after year. It is easy to make and can be used as a costume mask, shadow puppet or simply as a decoration for a Halloween party. They are especially good for children who don’t enjoy having their face painted.

Step 1

Print out the template at A4 size and trace the shape of the pumpkin onto the back of the card in pencil.

Step 2

Using a sharp scalpel or craft knife, cut out the shape of the pumpkin, the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 3

Paint both sides of the card and leave to dry. I painted them dark grey as shadow puppets for the shoot, but you could paint them orange. It may require 2-3 coats each side.

Step 4

Attach dowling rod to the back of the pumpkin with gaffer tape or wide masking tape as a handle. Ensure the rod is long enough to hold comfortably with the mask in front of your face.

Step 5

Have fun at your Halloween party!

Pumpkin Shadow Puppet instructions and template

Read more about Sania at http://www.saniapell.com/

Shadow PuppetShot11_001

What you need

A4 size card about 1mm thick (around 400gsm) – it needs to be stiff, but if the card is too thick it can be difficult to cut through.
Cutting mat or board
Scalpel or craft knife
Dowling rod
Gaffer/Elephant tape
Emulsion paint
Flat paintbrush