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Christmas with Marie-Chantal


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What is a pre-Christmas Nordic lunch?

Well, because my husband is half Danish it is important for us as family to experience his culture. So what we do is a pre-Christmas lunch, mid-December the Nordic way.

Highlights of the day?

It would have to be the food and the Schnapps, the food is to die for! When everyone has arrived we serve Schnapps to line our stomachs and we all catch up with the latest news around the tree. To accompany the Schnapps we have fresh water shrimp hors d’oeuvres – thankfully otherwise we would be snoozing before the lunch would be served! And as I said it is the food that makes a Scandinavian Christmas so special; the smorgasbord and rye bread, oh and I absolutely love all the pâtés. My children adore Swedish cookies, I always cook double the amount or they would vanish in five minutes!

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What do your children wear on the big day?

Christmas to me is a very magical moment and the clothes you chose to wear to celebrate such an occasion should be truly special. My youngest son Aristidis, will wear our grey wool, single-breasted suit with his grey converse.


When do you open the presents?

After lunch around 4pm; the adults relax on the sofas around the tree with a glass of cognac and Aristidis does his best to distribute all the presents!


Wishing you a Magical Christmas!

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