30th Sep 2014 MAKE IT

Heart Map

New Heart Image

  1. Buy a map of the place where your baby was born
  2. Draw a heart shape over the map with making sure the place where your baby was born is included
  3. Cut out the heart
  4. Mount the heart on white card
  5. Write on the mount the name of your child, the town they were born and the date. Point an arrow to the specific country on the map
  6. Place the mount in a frame

The concept also works for any special occasion whether it be the place you met your loved one, where you got married or where you spent your first holiday together – it is a great way to record those special memories in a creative way!

What you need

- Map of the place where your baby was born (another good option is to buy wrapping paper with a map print on it!)
- Pencil (Tip if you have trouble drawing the perfect heart then find a heart shape online, print it out, cut it out and then draw round it on the map like a stencil)
- Scissors
- Glue and white card
- Gold pen
- White frame