15th Oct 2014 MAKE IT

Showcase your kid’s art

Children's Art Collage

  1. Create a blank sheet the same size as your frame on Photoshop or Power Point (whatever you find easier to use)
  2. Scan in your child’s artwork onto the computer and upload to your photo-editing software
  3. Resize the your artwork so that they are all the same size
  4. Arrange them on the blank sheet how you want the final composition to look – this will be your guide for later
  5. Print and cut out each piece of artwork
  6. Mount the artwork onto the white card
  7. Write on the card your child’s name and the year
  8. Place the mount in a frame

Scan kids artwork
More inspiration ideas

Scan kids artwork



What you need

- A collection of your child's artwork
- Large white frame
- Computer, printer & scanner
- Glue and white card
- Photo-editing software (Photoshop or Powerpoint)
- Pen