30th Oct 2014 MAKE IT

Halloween Headband

Make your own stylish headband for Halloween

Everything you need

1. Take any existing fabric off the ears of the headband so that it leaves an empty frame as above

2. Draw the shape of the ear on paper, cut it out, then place it on the inside of the fabric
3. Trace around the paper so you are drawing on the fabric. Once the ear is drawn on the fabric place it on top of the second piece of fabric and then cut around the ear so you have two fabrics ears

4.  Sew the two ear pieces together leaving the bottom part open, make sure that the outside of the fabric is on the inside
5. Once the ears are sewn together turn them inside out so they are neat and smooth

6. Place the fabric over the ear and then sew it up once it is on the headband

7. Repeat for the other side

8. Next cut a piece of tulle (length is up to you)

9. Place the tulle around the headband and sew on

DSC_1267--new Other inspiration ideas

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A headband with ears
Black tulle
Pen and paper
Fabric of your choice
Black needle and thread