30th Oct 2014 EAT IT


MC Toffee Apples Delicious Toffee Apples
Perfect for parties or Halloween

1. Choose 6 juicy organic apples and remove the stalks

Marie_Chantal_Blog 40b 2. Place all the castor sugar, liquid glucose and water into a heavy-based high sided pan
3. Turn up the heat as the sugar and glucose mixture needs to dissolve into liquid
4. Once the mixture has dissolved, keep the heat high until it boils
5. The mixture needs to reach a temperature of 140°C on a sugar thermometer and this can take up to 15 to 20 minutes. When you are measuring the temperature be very careful as the mixture is extremely hot!
6. Once the sugar mixture has reached 140°C turn off the heat, put to one side and wait until the bubbles have stopped.

Marie-Chantal_Toffee_Apples_EatIt_Halloween  7. Once the bubbles have stopped add the food colouring and stir to combine.
8. Place the lollipop stick into the top of the apple and now it is time to coat the apples!
9. Hold the lollipop stick near the end and submerge the apple into the toffee giving it a good turn, swell or dip to your required level of coating. Be careful as the mixture is still extremely hot! Make sure you do this straight away as the liquid will harden very quickly. (If you chose very big apples like above, then use metal kitchen tongs to coat the apple as the lollipop stick might not be strong enough!)

Marie_Chantal_Blog 127  10. If you want to add nuts to the toffee then ground the nuts in a blender and sprinkle over the toffee once the apple is coated.
11. Once the apple is fully coated leave to harden on baking parchment
 12. If you want to have a matt finish like these crab apples, let the toffee liquid crystallize in the pan and then bring back to boil until liquid again. Then follow the instructions above to coat your apple and this will create a matt effect.

MC Toffee Apples Yum yum!


Marie-Chantal collaborating with Ross Leggatt to create delicious recipes for children


For the Apples:
Six organic red apples with stalks removed
Six lollipop sticks
Baking parchment

For the Toffee:
900g castor sugar
4 tablespoons liquid glucose
2 teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar (this can be bought in health food shops)
1 teaspoon red natural food colouring
200 ml water
Sugar thermometer

Optional Nuts:
Pecans 150g
Pistachios 150g

Serves 6