3rd Nov 2014 LOVE IT

Bath Time

Marie-Chantal Bathtime I love bath time with my kids…

Marie-Chantal Bathtime I always make sure there are plenty of model dinosaurs around to keep them entertained

Shampoo Original Sprout are the best bath/shower products for babies and kids. Shop it here

Marie-Chantal Bathtime I love the wooden steps with their names on it and its so easy to do; buy a wooden step and paint it the colour that works best with your bathroom, get a stencil of your kid’s name and spray paint it so their name shows up. If you are not feeling creative you can shop them here at Pottery Barn.

Marie-Chantal Bathtime
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My boys love sharks…

DSC_1111 Edited Marie-Chantal Bathtime

Marie-Chantal Bathtime These porcelain pots are a great way to store ear buds and cotton wool and helps keep the bathroom tidy!

Marie-Chantal Angel Wing Towel on Model Wrap them up as soon as they come out of the bath in our Angel Wing towel

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