24th Nov 2014 SHOP IT

Christmas in Walton Street

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes I love our Christmas window this year…

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 12

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 27 Our gifting table has so many different ideas to inspire the perfect gift

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 22 We made our own MC down-filled jackets this season and they keep children so warm and cosy

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 64 Mini mice from Steiff are great stocking fillers – shop them at our Walton store or online

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 30 Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers and I love having them in the store

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 41 So many cute coats for girls this season – I love the Empire Line coat in mauve

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 18 Our MC tote bag is the perfect gift for little fashionistas. Shop it now

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 34 The MC Bertille Doll is a great Christmas gift. Shop her at our Walton store or online

Marie_Chantal_Blog_Walton_Street_Shop_LowRes 4 Come and visit us 148 Walton Street, SW3 2JJ