20th Nov 2014 MAKE IT

Keepsake Footprints

MarieChantal Framed footprints 2

I love these prints of my boys’ hands and feet…

1) Place your thick white paper on the floor
2) Have a selection of paint colours ready and a sponge for each colour to hand
3) Sponge the paint evenly onto your child’s hand and then place the painted hand on the paper.
4) Press and hold for several seconds to ensure a good print
5) Repeat the same process for the other hand and feet
6) Write the name and age of your child and leave to dry
7) Once dry, mount and frame

Tip: Do this outside as painted feet can go for walks…

Other inspiration ideas…

Footprints9   Footprints10

Footprint Collage

Super cute!




Choice of paint
Thick white paper
Mount and white frame
Little hands and feet