19th Dec 2014 LOVE IT

Christmas at Home

DSC_0247  I love decorating our tree with my family and the smell of fresh pine leaves makes the house feel so festive

DSC_0225  For wrapping presents I kept it really simple this year using plain brown and green paper with a bright red bow

DSC_0135  I custom made the gift tags this year which makes the gift more special. So easy to do find out more here

DSC_0178  My kitchen is covered in Christmas cards I am running out of space…
I love the ones with people on the front – so cute!

DSC_0087  One of my favourite cakes is Panattone, I love it covered in icing sugar.
You can get the best Panattones from Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason

DSC_0158  I bought these Fortnum and Mason wooden Advent Calendars years ago and the kids love them

DSC_0206  Some ideas for little gifts to go inside…

DSC_0144  I love this German Nutcracker my mother bought me

DSC_0215  For decorations I fill the home with Nutcracker soldiers and I have a festive garland going all the way up the banister

DSC_0233  Can’t wait until Christmas!