29th Jan 2015 MAKE IT

Aristides’ Chair

Marie-Chantal Aristides’ Chair Cropped  A good friend gave me this chair and I absolutely love it.
It’s such a great way to personalise your kid’s chair and they are super easy to make!

Search for “vintage/retro school chairs” on Ebay and Etsy or buy one from Cult Furniture or Smallable.
You can either make your own letter stencils or buy them here
1. Place letter stencils on the back of the chair and hold in place with masking tape (Cover the rest of the chair in newspaper to avoid it getting covered in spray paint)
2. Spray paint onto stencil in short even applications, once the paint is dry remove stencil and newspaper
3. If you are feeling creative and dont have the stencils then try spray painting the chair legs your kid’s favourite colour

Be inspired…

43520ce086c4be57769668f8b8ebc698  8d6399d713c351843b1501f99bf1ecce Chaises Baumann "chaussettes" ~ Atelier Charivari

So cute!