3rd Feb 2015 SEE IT

Katharine Hepburn at BFI Southbank

Marie-Chantal Katharine Hepburn Relieve the golden era of Hollywood at the BFI Southbank‘s Katherine Hepburn film season this February.

Marie-Chantal Katharine Hepburn 2 Famous for her iconic trousers and renowned for her feisty and independent nature, she is considered one of the greatest actresses of all time, so every film will be a cinematic treat!

I can’t wait to see these films…

Marie-Chantal Bringing up Baby Bringing up Baby
One of Hepburn’s most beloved films, and considered the ultimate “screwball comedy” of all time.

Marie-Chantal Little Women Little Women
An adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic,
with Hepburn playing the ultimate version tomboy Jo.

Marie-Chantal The Philadelphia Story The Philadelphia Story
With a wonderfully witty script and strong lead performances by Hepburn and Cary Grant,
this is a classic romantic comedy.

Marie-Chantal Morning Glory Morning Glory
Charting the rise to stardom of a young naive girl who wants to be a famous actress,
this is the film that gave Hepburn her first Oscar.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”
Katharine Hepburn
1907 – 2003