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Bespoke Princess Dresses

2A6E887800000578-3156282-image-m-47_1436581570702 We were delighted to design Nicky Hilton’s exclusive Flower Girl dresses for her wedding to James Rothschild.

Marie_Chantal_Bridesmaid_Shoot1275  Nicky chose our Princess style dress made from layers of silver sparkle and powder blue tulle

Marie_Chantal_Bridesmaid_Shoot1355  The tulle had exquisite hand embroidered sequins and beads in the shape of shooting stars.


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Marie_Chantal_Bridesmaid_Shoot1381  Each Flower crown is unique and handmade by our designers with sparkling tulle and silk flowers, delicate beads and sequins with floating cotton taffeta ribbons. So cute and dreamy!

b-Marie_Chantal_Bridesmaid_Shoot1333  Labels for the Flower Girls

2A6B496900000578-3156282-Blushing_bride_Nicky_Hilton_leaves_Claridge_s_hotel_in_London_th-a-54_1436564092555  The wedding took place at The Orangery, Kensington Palace, London on 10th July 2015.

Nicky Hilton on her wedding day – so beautiful

flower girls nicky hilton  Read the full article on the Daily Mail 


To request more information about ordering a bespoke Princess Dress and crown please call our designers Constance and Katy for more information TEL:  +44 (0)20 7751 4300 EMAIL: Constance.Bourasse@mariechantal.com