20th Jul 2015 SEE IT

Summer of fun

Science Museum Entrance  Whether they are into horrible histories or mad science make this summer educational with London’s top museums. First stop is the the Science Museum.

Science Museum Imax Cinema Kids  The science Museum is the perfect place to take little ones; in addition to the exhibitions there are fun activities including an IMAX cinema that allows you to really experience what life is like in the Arctic, Outer Space or even in the jungle!

Science Museum Imax Cimema Fly me to the moon  Their current film is ‘Fly me to the Moon’ – join 3 little stow-aways as they join the crew of Apollo 11.

London Transport museum Buses mc blog  London Transport Museum is a firm favourite with families. Explore the history of London’s transport system with a 3D time line running back almost 100 years.

London transport museum mc blog soft play  This summer the museum present its all new ‘All Aboard’ family play area. Kids of all ages as well as parents can take part in craft workshops, sit in the driver’s seat of a London bus, fly the cable car, make customer announcements and much more.

Natural history museum butterfly mc blog  The Natural History Museum features everything from dinosaurs to gemstones. Wander among free-flying moths and butterflies from around the world in the tropical butterfly house in the heart of London – Book tickets now

Natural history museum coral reef mc blog  If your littles ones are water babies then we recommend visiting the latest of exhibition Coral Reefs: Secret Cities Under the Sea. Discover what life is like under the sea and the secret life of fish.

Natural history museum family backpacks  Explore the museum with the whole family with the Family Explorer Backpacks , choose form a range topics like wildlife, oceans or birds. Take the explorer backpack and be like Charles Darwin. Each pack contains an explorer hat and binoculars, explorer tools, drawing materials and lots of fun activities to do as you work your way around the museum.

Tower of London  One of our favourite places is the Tower of London. It is great for any children that love to learn about the horrible histories of London, although the tower has a coloured history its perfect for a summers day out with the kids. Enjoy a tour from one of the guards of the tower with your very own Yeoman. The animated speakers take you through the grounds of the tower retelling stories from its past including stories about one of England’s famous monarchs; Henry VIII and his seven wives.

crown-jewels  Enter the vaults of the tower and visit the crown jewels, Children will love the hidden underground safes, traditional guards and amazing jewels.

ravens tower of london  Learn about the curse of the black ravens and why they must always be in residents at the tower!

london  Find out about other museums and activities here