1st Aug 2015 SHOP IT

Travel Tips

marie-chantal_blog_packing-d  I love these Muji packing bags, they are great for packing outfits together and separating them in the suitcase. I never have to worry about what the boys are wearing because all the hard work is done before we get there

plane-essentials_marie-chantal_blog  1. First Aid Kit
2.  Snack Attach Carrot Dip and Go Snack Pot
3. Bottles of Water
4. Marie Chantal Knitted Blanket
5. Gold Headphones
6. iPad
7. Children’s Favourite book

marie-chantal_blog_beach essentials 1. Marie Chantal Tote Bag
2. Sun Cream
3. Football
4. Hooded Towel
5. Sun Hat