8th Apr 2016 EAT IT

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Making a healthy breakfast for my kids in the morning is so important. Studies have shown that children who eat a healthy breakfast will perform better in school, will be less tempted to binge on sugary snacks and will have so much more energy. Below are a few of my favourite healthy breakfast ideas from around the web. As a mother, I know it can be hard finding the time to do it in the morning rush but most of these can be done a few days in advance and they are super easy and quick to make!

2c2258f4e6ab4859c39beb12d305c422 Kids will love this Caramelised Banana Bread from the beautiful Nourish Atelier blog.
Perfect for a chilly Spring morning. (via Nourish Atelier)

homemade-cereal-pic  A low-sugar, healthy, Cinnamon Toast Crunch alternative. (via Food Faith Fitness)

7d74aa9cdccf9206b1dd35f9b5de0e50  Healthy Homemade Reeses Puff Cereal (via Dashing Dish)

Healthy-1-minute-banana-oat-Greek-yogurt-muffin-3  Healthy ONE minute greek yoghurt, banana and oat muffins!  (via A Big Mans World)

bacb29d5d9bdaf8b31aa2d428e517615  Get creative and make these fun Cloud Breakfast Eggs, and in only 10 minutes! (via A life of Geekery)

Lemon-and-Blueberry-Overnight-Oats-7b  The ultimate classic breakfast, try a new spin on it with this Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats recipe. (via Annie’s Noms)

ecd755eaad3c5886f6d0ec8000c0f15c  Nutella doesn’t have to be bad, try this refined-sugar free version, all the taste but with natural sugars! (via Detoxinista)

a958944ed6a99a8925a75c0bc2ed199a   No-Bake Superfood Granola Bars, packed with nutrition for kids (via Domestic Gothess)

ed29128b0b1f9f2f16494edfbe05fb68  Banana and Oat Breakfast Bars, an easy on-the-go option and super tasty (via Thirteen Thoughts)

f2e8c2bdeb2939280517383a8bf78013  Flourless Banana Bread Muffins, hearty and filling (via Running with Spoons)