11th May 2016 EAT IT

The Breakfast club: Part 1

Breakfast_Marie-Chantal_Children The morning run can be tedious and stressful. Sugary cereals and spreads can sometimes be the quickest option instead of a healthy breakfast.

Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast…

  • Maintains a healthy body weight.
  • Will limit them snacking on high-calorie, sugary snacks during the morning.
  • Improves academic performance, longer attention span, better attendance and decreased hyperactivity in school
  • Skipping breakfast will often make your child feel tired, restless or irritable by mid-morning. By eating breakfast, your child will have energy throughout the morning and help him/her concentrate better in class.

In my 7 part series I will be showing you how to create quick, nourishing breakfast meals for your little ones.

To kick off the series, I’ve chosen a classic Dippy egg with soldiers. This is a firm favourite of my children and one which recalls fond memories of my own childhood. It’s so simple, yet packed with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals for long-lasting energy throughout their day.

My perfect dippy egg

Add 2 eggs and simmer for 2 mins if room temp (if it’s just come from the fridge then 3 mins)
Turn off heat.
Cover the pan and leave for 2 mins more.
Meanwhile, toast 4 slices wholemeal bread and spread thinly with butter.
To serve, cut into soldiers and dip into the 

Et voila, ready in 4 mins!