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Celebrating Your Husband on Father’s Day

Celebrating Your Husband on Father's Day

Celebrating your Husband on Father’s Day

1. Clean as a Whistle. The morning of or the night before be sure to give your house a good scrubbing, making sure everything is put away and organized. If you’re feeling extra thoughtful, consider taking his car to get washed and or detailed. Better yet, have the kids wash his car to show how much they want to go the extra mile for Dad!

2. Be The Peacemaker. Take time before your Husband wakes up to explain to your kids why today is important and why they should be on their best behavior (no tantrums or fighting among siblings). Remind them how special their Father is and how this is the day to honor him for all that he does.

3. Starting The Day Off Right. What Husband wouldn’t want to wake up to the delicious smell of coffee brewing and his family making a lovely gourmet breakfast in the kitchen… better yet breakfast in bed! So be sure to whip up your husbands favorites for breakfast. Another special touch, have his favorite music playing throughout the house and consider ironing his favorite section of the Sunday paper. Be sure to place it perfectly next to his plate of scrumptious pancakes!

4. Walking Down Memory Lane. In the most frequented area of your home (generally the kitchen/nook area) arrange a dozen or so of your favorite framed photos of your husband with you and your kids. A great way to remind him of the wonderful memories he’s had as a Father and Husband throughout the years.

5. Be Creative. Father’s seem to always keep and cherish homemade gifts the most. So take time a few days before Father’s Day to set up an arts and crafts station for the kids. Have them get creative (Poems, Cards, Posters and Paintings) and make something meaningful for Dad.

6. Make it Personal. I hate recommending gifts because they are so specific to each person. I always suggest really listening to your husband a couple weeks before Father’s Day. Listen for things he mentioned he wants, would like to try, or places he wants to go. This way he’ll be thrilled to open the Apple watch he’s been hinting at all month, or that you made reservations at the restaurant he’s been dying to try or tickets to see his favorite team.

7.  All About Dad. Since Father’s Day is all about Dad, carve out some time in the day and arrange for him to do his favorite activity. Whether it’s a round of golf, watching the game on TV or catching his favorite waves at his favorite surf spot, it will certainly earn you brownie points!

8. A Few of His Favorite Things. Have his favorite things around the house. Take the time to go out and buy his favorite imported beer, 18 year old whiskey or candy. He’ll be delighted when he opens the fridge to find his favorite beverage or favorite candy in a dish in the living room.

9. The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach. Make reservations at your husband’s favorite restaurant for dinner. I always suggest making dinner reservations at least a month in advance before restaurants book up, especially for holidays.

10. Adventures in Babysitting. Arrange for a babysitter so you and your husband can have a date night. Over a romantic dinner for two, take the time to tell him what an amazing father and husband he is.