26th Jul 2016 EAT IT

Birthday Cake Inspiration

The season of summer birthday parties is upon us! Everyone knows that planning a party is difficult at the best of times. So much is involved from thinking of a great theme, decorating, creating games and finally food. After all, what is a birthday party without a birthday cake and if you get it right with designs like these you’ll be sure to add a wow factor to your party. This post may help ease some of the stress of having to come up with an idea for a birthday cake and will hopefully inspire you to create the perfect cake for your event. 

Drip Cakes
There is something seriously appealing about a Drip Cake. Currently trending for 2016, the ‘Instagram’ cake has taken the internet by storm. Of course no one does it better than Tome Coffee Shop in Queensland, Australia…

11880343_1608911619373202_5059386677662148900_n 57562962331fa CeqebTvW4AESwiO Tome The Naked Cake
Another cake trend from 2015 is the Naked cake which proves that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. More and more bakers are opting for the rustic, unpolished look as opposed to a neatly frosted finish. Our favourite has to be the classic Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cookie Dough Birthday Layer cake (see below). An award-winning bakery from chef & owner Christina Tosi with stores in NYC, DC and Toronto.

Birthday_Cake11-682x1024 Birthday_Cake2-683x1024  Fear not, if you’re not near a Momofuku Milk Bar store, here’s the recipe

 More ideas: 

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4573ca9d89bc4a14425afbeecafa7767 (via Deco Peques)

Novelty Cakes
From dinosaurs to solar systems, think of anything and it could be on top of a cake.  Here’s our top picks below…

floss5 (via Poppy Talk)

Dinosaur-Chocolate-Cake-8-3 (via Butterlust Blog)

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5eb4ad6dbf2c5d76c2d0570f6102326b (via Layercake-let)

81b371f37f9dc276820606d9a1d25313 (via Sprinkle Bakes)

be2c38530f69ef33576c3e48b762294f (via Brides)

Maple Belgian Waffle Cake 4 (via Sprinkle Bakes)

PineappleParty-Cake-Vertical (via A Hand Crafted Affair)