16th Jul 2016 FOR YOU

Bodyism’s New Mama Tips

CleanandLeanBS New Mama Tips by James Duigan, founder of Bodyism.

10 years ago, James Duigan made it his mission to empower as many people as possible by spreading the Clean and Lean philosophy. He wanted men and women from all walks of life to realise their physical and mental potential. Our bodies want to be lean, light, strong and energised. The state-of-the-art members club has been designed with the single goal of ensuring that every client will achieve their optimum health. The team consists of the top performance coaches and fat loss specialists in the world.

Congratulations, you amazing miracle mamas! Ask most mums and they’ll tell you life post-birth is a hazy blur of loveliness… most of the time. It’s also a physically and emotionally challenging time and you need to take care of yourself more than ever in the first few months after giving birth. Bodyism is focused on ’being kind to yourself’ and many mums forget about themselves the moment they give birth and just focus on their baby. It’s vital you take care of yourself as you do for your baby. Christiane (my beautiful wife and co-founder of Bodyism) has and always will be my hero after witnessing her strength and courage when she gave birth to our beautiful kids. Here are some of my top tips for all you strong, powerful and courageous mamas:

1. Don’t diet – Extreme dieting will ruin your body, affect your milk supply, slow down recovery and make you feel even more tired. Food full of nutrients will have the opposite effect, so think Clean and Lean, not calories. What does Clean and Lean mean? It means a nutritious, wholesome diet that includes vegetables, lean proteins, eggs and dairy (if it doesn’t make you feel too gassy).

Granola-banner 2. Don’t be superwoman– If your mother-in-law offers to do your ironing, don’t be polite- let her do it. Chrissy found the Bodyism supplements a huge huge help when she was struggling to find time to make herself breakfast in the morning. The supplements are a failsafe way to nutrient-proof your diet so that you don’t have to fret about adding an endless list of superfoods to your smoothie. All you need to is add some milk or water, a handful of berries or some frozen spinach and a scoop of your chosen supplement and give it a quick whizz in the blender. There are loads of easy recipes on our online magazine.

3. Get fishy – Take a good-quality fish oil supplement. Studies show that this switches on the fat-burning hormone and crucially turns off the fat-storing ones. Fish oils also encourage your body to burn fat around your mid-section, which is often the area most women want to change after having children. We carefully created our Omega Brilliance, and made sure that the fish oil is sourced from deep-sea fish in the clean ocean near Chile.

4. Squeeze & relax – If you haven’t been doing it already, get into the habit of doing your pelvic floor exercises every day. In fact, every woman should do them every day, whether she has children or not. Keeping your pelvic-floor muscles strong acts as an internal corset and pulls your stomach in from the inside (this isn’t the technical term but it’s a simple way of describing what happens in general), creating a more toned and flat-looking mid section. Your pelvic floor muscles are the ones you would use if you were trying to stop yourself peeing. Squeeze & clench them for a few seconds. Do 15-20 squeezes, five times a day. (The great thing about these exercises is you can do them anywhere at any time and nobody will even know you’re doing them).

5. Sleep yourself slim – A really important part of getting your body back is to have plenty of rest so you feel recharged. Even a minute of relaxed breathing without any distraction can help you de-stress. Stress will reduce cortisol which is the hormone that causes fat to store around your middle. If you’re having trouble falling to sleep, then meet my favourite Bodyism supplement, Serenity. It tastes like hot chocolate but is filled with wonderful herbs, minerals and vitamins which will help you relax for a nourishing night’s sleep. Just mix it with some almond milk and relax because you deserve it.

Above all, please give yourself a break and never punish yourself about losing your mummy tummy. You’ve created a new little person and nurtured them – you’re fantastic. Do not forget it.