11th Aug 2016 READ IT

Great Educational Apps for Children

In the 21st century, technology is a fundamental part of our children’s life so it should of course be embraced in a positive way. With all the smart phones, iPads and tablets on the market children are becoming increasingly more interested in apps as a way to have fun. They are a great source of entertainment and very engaging for children but they can also be incredibly educational. Here are 10 examples of some great educational apps. 

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Meteor Math: With this very engaging and stimulating app children can improve their math skill and advance basic calculation. Designed much like an arcade game it’s also very entertaining for little ones. Free. Google Play and App Store.

Endless Alphabet: This is a wonderfully interactive and educational app. Great for teaching children new words and how to spell them. Kids will be thoroughly entertained learning the basics such as the ABC’s and building up their vocabulary. $8.99. Google Play and App Store.

Kids ABC Letters Lite: This App is designed to help very young children to learn their letters, by creating letters through sliding colourful puzzle pieces into place. This is particularly engaging for little ones and every section is designed so that children can enjoy success every time and continuously receive positive reinforcement. Free.  Google Play and App Store.

Funbrain Jr: This app is a collection of fun and vibrant games for much younger children. With this app children are able to enjoy practicing early learning skills in literacy, math and problem solving in a fun and exciting way. Free. Google Play and App Store.

Animal Pants: This app is designed for very early learners by parents, illustrators and musicians resulting in a visually beautiful game and enticing game for little ones. It is designed to develop toddlers matching skills, they can spend time enjoying matching the animals to their missing pants. Free. Google Play and App Store. 

Wheels on the Bus: This has proven to be a very popular app with children. This essentially works as an activity centre and is suitable for a range of ages. It contains a huge variety of educational games and activities that are a success with all ages.  $3.99. Google play and App Store.

What’s The Sound? Simple yet effective. This app is an interactive fun game that helps toddlers to learn more about noises and develop their listening skills. Suitable from a very young age to learn more about the sounds around them. Google play and App Store. $1.99

Doodle Maths: A great app with fantastic reviews designed to improve children’s confidence and ability in maths. A fantastic learning tool for use in school or at home that covers ages 7 to 11. Google play and App Store. $2.99

Kid Coloring, Kid PaintA fun, educational, free colouring game for your toddler or preschooler. Very easy to use and excellent for the times when you have run out of space on the fridge! Google play. Free

Duo Lingo: This app is designed to help little ones learn anything from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Encouraging children to pick up a second language in a fun and engaging way, starting with the basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and learning new words daily. Google play and App Store. Free