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The Best Fitness Classes

The Best Fitness Classes Gym’s like Equinox or Virgin Active are all fine and dandy, but can quickly become monotonous and boring. Whether you’re a new mom trying to loose the last of that pesky baby weight or a mom of 5 trying to find the inspiration for a weekly work out, keep reading for my list of favorite, fun and effective workout classes. Maintain your healthy lifestyle in Los Angeles, New York or London with classes to keep you challenged and motivated.


10-ballet-bodies Ballet Bodies, LA
  • Ballet Bodies: Ballet Bodies is a fitness studio that draws from and improves upon the basic fundamentals of Pilates and ballet. The focus is on achieving an aesthetically long, lean and beautiful body like a ballet dancers. Balletbodies.com
  • Bar Method: The Bar Method workout is a fast-paced form of interval training that maximizes caloric burn during and after every class. This format gives clients slimmer and leaner bodies after a few months of regular attendance. Barmethod.com
  • Barry’s Bootcamp: Barry’s Bootcamp’s signature workouts include interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and strength training utilizing free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment. Their innovative technique works to “shock” the body in the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. Barrysbootcamp.com
  • Rise Nation: Rise Nation delivers a group training experience that is primarily focused on climbing. Delivering results in a 30-minute class, leaving you with the feeling of exhilaration, balance and strength.Rise-nation.com
  • SandBox Fitness: The fun idea behind Sandbox Fitness is to balance on portable surfboards placed in sand while doing lunges, squats and other reps while engaging your core muscles.Sandbox-fitness.com
  • Soul Cycle: SoulCycle is indoor cycling re-invented. Get ready for fat-burning cardio, a full-body workout and choreography to work your core. Climb, jog, sprint, dance and set your intention to break boundaries. Soul-cycle.com


07URBAN2-master1050  Aqua, NY
  • Aqua: Aqua isan underwater cycling class, where bikes are placed in a pool (water up to your waist) as you pedal against the water resistance. Not only do you shape your body in a much more efficient way than on land, but you also protect your health, your bone structure, your joints and your muscles. Aquastudiony.com
  • Ballet Beautiful: Created by professional ballerina and celebrity fitness guru Mary Helen Bowers, the Ballet Beautiful workout mixes the athleticism and grace of classical ballet with targeted exercises and stretches that sculpt a dancer’s toned, lean physique. Balletbeautiful.com
  • City Row: City Row uses intervals of cardio and sculpting on and off of the row machine to deliver a triple threat workout: high-intensity sweat, low-impact burn, total body results. Cityrow.com
  • Gotham Gym: Gotham provides an abundance of wellness resources, boxing and boot camp classes, with the ability to connect with a team of incredible trainers and educators who are committed to helping you achieve, and transcend your exercise and wellness goals. Gothamgymnyc.com
  • Mile High Run Club: Mile High Run Club is the first dedicated studio for running. Their daily group treadmill classes are endurance focused strength training led by elite runners. Everyone trains like an athlete regardless of fitness level. Perfect to get you prepared for your next marathon. Milehighrunclub.com
  • Soul Cycle: SoulCycle is indoor cycling re-invented. Get ready for fat-burning cardio, a full-body workout and choreography to work your core. Climb, jog, sprint, dance and set your intention to break boundaries. Soul-cycle.com
  • Taryn Toomey’s “The Class”: The class is a 75-minute cathartic mind-body experience, working every muscle from the ground up. There are no weights and no props, just you and your body. Expect challenging, endorphin pumping workouts designed around inspiring music. Taryntoomey.com


1458057703-elle-skinny-index  Skinny Bitch Collection, London

  • Skinny Bitch Collective: This exclusive class is designed to throw you as far from your comfort zone as possible. Boredom becomes the enemy. SBC is about a balanced lifestyle and embraces the elements they feel will upgrade every aspect of your life and body. Thesbcollective.com
  • Barrecore: Each 60-minute workout targets the major muscle groups and improves posture and alignment no matter what your fitness level. This is how they effectively, efficiently and safely reshape the entire body, creating the highly coveted barre body. Barrecore.co.uk
  • Core Collective: Core collective is a pay-as-you-go class based gym free from any contracts or monthly fees. They focus on three main classes: Velocity (45 minute athletic interval training) Resistance (45 minute TRX class), Accelerate (45 minute Spin Cycling) and one-on-one bespoke personal training. Core-collective.co.uk
  • GrooveCycle: GrooveCycle 60 minute indoor cycle session combines fitness and dance that works the whole body. It motivates and liberates, while you groove with the group to an exhilarating playlist! This class will inspire you to push beyond your limits. Groovecycle.co.uk
  • HeartCore: Heartcore’s reformer-based Pilates classes use core-focused functional training in a highly effective, high-energy class. Their format provides a comprehensive full body workout in the shortest possible timeframe. Heartcore.co.uk
  • Ten Pilates: Like traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates is designed to re-address the body’s natural balance through a series of exact, controlled movements. Improve strength, flexibility and posture, keeping the body mobile and helping prevent or reduce injury. Build long, lean muscles by combining exercise and stretching into the routines. Tenpilates.com