5th Sep 2016 READ IT

The Laundress’ Care Guide for Kids




As moms we purchase clothes we think our children will look darling in; sweet little dresses and dapper cashmere jumpers to put their best foot forward in. Although they may out grow these charming classics, one thing you won’t outgrow are the memories they make in each piece.

However, from time to time, their little hands sometimes make big messes…. everything from spills to spit up. To help preserve your child’s clothing, we teamed up with The Laundress to help customers care for their favorite Marie-Chantal pieces. Keep reading for step by step instructions on how to pretreat, wash and dry everything from stained onesies to delicate wool and cashmere. All products from The Laundress can be purchased in either our Ledbury Road, Notting Hill store or our Walton Street, Chelsea store.

MarieChantal Care Guide