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Fall Favorites From The Monogrammed Linen Shop

Yves Delorme Couture Linens

When the sun disappears and night settles in; make sure your bed is dressed in the finest of linens to result in the sweetest of dreams. Known only to a few connoisseurs to begin with, over the years, Yves Delorme has taken itself to the height of the refined linen market.

The year was 1845, when Ernestine Fremaux and her husband, created a linen-weaving mill near Lille, France. Today, five generations of passion are woven into every sheet, towel and tablecloth branded by Yves Delorme.The company blends tradition and creativity, nurtured in the respect of craftsmanship with the constant search for high quality, resulting in the most unrivalled heritage.

More than a brand lending its best linens to even more beautiful interiors: Yves Delorme is beginning a new chapter in its history, re-visiting its roots and delving into Ernestine’s legacy to launch in the ultra-exclusive Couture Household Collection

The Yves Delorme Couture Collection celebrates a taste for princely materials and exquisite finishes, as well as the sophistication of the most beautiful weaves and hand embroideries. Heir to the greatest French manufacturers, steeped in the spirit of haute couture, the Yves Delorme brand possesses paramount expertise. Using natural fibers in the purest tradition, it is distinguished by its quality and the attention given to the smallest detail.

 This timeless collection is designed to transform your imagination in endless white tones, fresh and delicate percales, silky soft white satins, featherweight cloths and classic linens. Launching mid October at Harrods or at the future refurbished Monogrammed Linen Shop, as their name indicates monogramming and embroidery are their specialty. Instantly giving any piece a personal touch by adding a monogram to your linens.

Monogrammed Linen Shop

 The Monogrammed Linen Shop also specializes in enchanting linens for your child’s bedroom and or bathroom. My favorite is the embroidered Egyptian cotton pillowcases that can be customize with your child’s name or favorite drawing. They also make extraordinary gifts, with the holidays just around the corner.

Visit Yvesdelorme.co.uk now for more information.