1st Dec 2016 MAKE IT

DIY advent calendar

_dsc0036-edit This year I decided to do away with the shop bought calendars and make my own beautiful hand-crafted parcels. They are so easy to make, just kraft paper, sprigs of fir, cute presents and some festive cheer. My kids will love opening up their individual parcels this morning. Within each one is something different. No need to break the budget either, I did a quick supermarket sweep at a nearby Tiger for some cute toys and my local grocers for those all important sweet treats.


Here’s how to make it…

Advent Numbers Link:


Kraft Envelopes:

Paper Chase

Red and White Striped Rope:


Red and White String:

Green and Stone

Advent Calendar Treats:


Day by Day:

Day 1: Elf Puzzle – Tiger

Day 2: IQ Puzzle – Tiger

Day 3: Mini Crayons – Tiger 

Day 4: Pop Rocks – Tiger 

Day 5: Jacks – John Lewis 

Day 6: Compass – John Lewis 

Day 7: Harmonica – Tiger

Day 8: Bounce Balls – Tiger 

Day 9: Wooden Santa – Tiger 

Day 10: Tunnock’s Caramel Waffer – Waitrose

Day 11: Mini Maze – Tiger

Day 12: Activity Book – Tiger

Day 13: Mustaches – Tiger 

Day 14: Finger Lights – Tiger

Day 15: Mini Wood IQ Puzzle – Tiger

Day 16: Whoopi Cushion – John Lewis

Day 17: Game Pad – Tiger 

Day 18: Rum Rum Pistol – Tiger 

Day 19: Chocolate Santa – Tiger

Day 20: Glow in The Dark Stickers – Tiger

Day 21: Skateboard  – Tiger

Day 22: Dino Egg – Tiger

Day 23: Bounce Ball – Tiger

Day 24: Spinning Top – Tiger

Day 25: Tunnock’s Caramel Waffer – Waitrose 

Et voila! Simply tie up along your wall or on your staircase.