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Hatch Mama Beauty

Hatch’s new beauty line for during and post pregnancy.

The good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy (nausea, crazy itchy skin, stretch marks). There is a toll that it takes on your body…. after all you’re growing a baby. Rather than scour the Internet or wait for your friends to share their “secret beauty,” Hatch has created a new line (Hatch Mama) of products targeted for during and after pregnancy.

Now you don’t have to overhaul your entire beauty regimen just because you’re pregnant. Hatch Mama is formulated with natural, high quality, effective, non-toxic ingredients that are safe, protective, and nourishing for mama (and baby). They do not use parabens, phthalates, or fragrance.

Hatch Beauty Mama

Hatch’s Belly Oil, $58.00, fights stretch marks with the anti-oxidant superpowers of calendula flower, rosehip oil, and vitamin E-rich sweet almond oil. This potent skin elixir also helps calm inflammation, relieve itching and bonus… It’s also dry oil, which is fast absorbing and wardrobe-friendly. Or choose to combat stretch marks with Hatch’s Belly Masks, $12.00 each with aloe vera and hydrolyzed marine collagen, which helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy and softens and soothes inflamed scar tissue postpartum.

Voluminous pregnancy hair is lovely— until it falls out postpartum (spoiler alert) or until it’s dull and unruly. Strength + Shine Daily Fortifying Hair Oil, $38.00 a luxurious blend of avocado, sesame, and jojoba oils hydrates hormonal strands to keep them healthy, strong, and super shiny and contains botanical extracts like nettle seed extract and pea sprout to help encourage natural hair growth.

There are many conversations about the use of essential oils during pregnancy: In high concentration, even the most natural, untouched oils carry risks when applied undiluted on the skin. There are some oils that should be avoided completely during pregnancy: Clary Sage, Fennel, and Wintergreen. Hatch Mama uses mild, pregnancy-approved oils in no more than 1% essential oil concentration in our aromatherapy which sounds super small but is enough to get the job done and keep you + baby risk-free.

Their Ginger Anti Nausea Remedy, $26.00 is a tummy soothing aromatherapy blend of ginger, lemon, and sweet orange in a jojoba oil base is infused with skin-softening vitamin E. Also in Eucalyptus Pick-Me-Up and Lavender Mood Relaxer, $26.00 each.

Other products include a Down Girl, Soothing Leg and Foot Relief, $42.00 and Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm, $28.00 at Hatch.com