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Baby Food Delivery Subscriptions

It’s hard to believe how time consuming it is to feed your baby… endless afternoons spent at the farmers market searching for local organic produce, while also juggling your baby, costly food processors and countless glass jars…. plus the hours spent washing, chopping, steaming and pureeing fruits and veg. We’re all busy moms, but what if there was a way to skip all that and with just one click? Discover one of the many companies that will deliver fresh, organic and nutritious baby food straight to your door. Which means more time for you to spend on your to-do list, your family and yourself.

Organic Baby Food Delivery Subscriptions

YUMI makes it easier to feed your baby fresh, delicious, nutrient-dense food. Recognizing the importance of nutrition, Yumi’s intelligently designed blends provide balanced meals to support babies’ neurological and physical development at every age and stage. Yumi works with paediatricians and chefs to create single ingredient purees and multi-ingredient blends that best suit your baby’s needs. Their meals are fresh, organic, low in sugar and full of the good stuff. They provide weekly meal plans and deliver direct to your doorstep. Select a plan and food like Bell Pepper Soup, Ratatouille, Rosewater Overnight Oats and Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding will arrive in premium, insulated containers with ice packs. Prices start at $35 a week for single-ingredient purees, and $50 a week for blends (discounts available with monthly plans) Yumi meals are available for delivery throughout the state of California, as well as select areas in Nevada, Arizona and Utah. For more, visit: www.HelloYumi.com

Organic Baby Food Delivery Subscriptions

LITTLE SPOON works with a team of pediatricians and nutritionists to develop the first personalized meal plan suited to your baby’s nutritional and developmental needs. Tell them a little bit about your baby so they can customize your nutrition plan accordingly and making sure your baby is getting the right food, every step of the way. As your child grows and they learn more about his or her preference and growth patterns, Little Spoon will evolve to support your baby’s needs. In each shipment they’ll tell you what is happening in your baby’s body and which developmental milestones you can except at their current age. You’ll receive a personalized selection of meals like: Red Lentil Chickpea Apple Curry Coconut Milk or Pitaya Pineapple Spinach Banana Coconut Oil, delivered straight to your door every other week. Food is always certified organic and lasts 14 days refrigerated. It’s easy to adjust, skip or cancel and shipping is always free. Starting at $3.92 per meal. For more visit: http://www.littlespoon.com

Organic Baby Food Delivery Subscriptions

LITTLE FOODIE CLUB takes babies on a culinary journey through flavors, tastes and textures. Their baby meals nurture growing bodies, to stimulate developing minds and tantalize tiny taste buds. They believe in palate-training, which is the belief that parents have the ability to condition babies to enjoy fresh, healthy foods.

Little Foodie’s baby purées are handmade from fresh organic ingredients and cooked to perfection without sugar, salt and anything artificial. Their curated meal plans and menus are recommend for ages six months and up, after your baby is accustomed to eating solid foods.

All of their purées are free of nuts, eggs and soy. Sign up today and give your baby the best start to a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  LA and Orange County based delivery service.

BONUS: Little Foodie Club is a proud partner of Isabelo, a charitable organization in South Africa responsible for feeding children from underprivileged families nutritious and delicious meals. For every subscription Little Foodie Club sells, they will donate a portion to Isabelo in South Africa. For more visit: www.littlefoodieclub.com


THISTLE is delightfully convenient and makes it easy to feed your baby organic, nutritious homemade baby food. Once your delivery arrives, expect a magical box of organic, flash-frozen produce, pre-washed, chopped & portioned by recipe. All you need to do is open a recipe pouch, steam and blend…. then voila! You’ve crafted nutritious, homemade baby food. Store in the fridge to serve as needed for a week’s worth of meals. Thistle’s recipes use a diverse array of fruits, veggies, superfoods, herbs and spices to develop baby’s palate and pack in nutrients! Free deliveries to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego. Prices start at $11.50 per Delivery. For more visit: www.thistle.co/baby

Organic Baby Food Delivery Subscriptions

RASIED REAL wants you to see every ingredient your baby is getting, then make it fresh on the spot… all Raised Real does is make it really easy and also healthy.

Meals are nutritionally balanced for little ones ages six months to two years. All ingredients are sourced fresh from organic, sustainable and non-gmo farms. Then flash frozen to ensure all the nutrients are locked it. Each plant-based pack (also 8 allergen-free) is formulated to support developmental functions and delivered to your door, like clockwork, every two weeks.

All you have to do is steam pre made portions for 15 minutes, blend into purée or serve as perfect finger foods. BONUS: They’ll even throw in a free Béaba® Babycook® original. All new members receive one with your first delivery. Memberships start at $95 for 20 meals, every two weeks. For more visit: www.raisedreal.com

NURTURE LIFE prepares wholesome, nutritious, ready-to-eat baby, toddler and kid meals, delivered straight to your door. Let Nurture Life do all the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. Just provide your kids’ ages and dietary preferences and their culinary team starts cooking up your weekly menu. Go with their Chef’s choice menu or select your meals from their choice of seasonal and weekly menu favorites.

Their premade children’s meals never contain artificial colors, flavors, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. All of their meats are all-natural, antibiotic-free, no growth-enhancing drugs, vegetable-fed and animal-welfare rated. They also use fresh caught and sustainably farmed seafood with MSC, BAP or ASC certification. While their produce is local, fresh and in-season and whenever possible and their ancient, heirloom and whole grains are sourced from farmers who practice smart, soil-enriching farming practices.

Get a week’s worth of meals delivered straight to your door in packaging that is safe for your family and sustainable for their future (All BPA-free and recyclable). When your kids are ready, just warm in your microwave or oven and serve. Meals include warming instructions and all meal labels include full ingredient lists.

From $35.00 – 119.00 a week. Visit www.nurturelife.com