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Summer Reading Edit

It’s mid-summer and full holiday season so if you’re yet to choose your holiday reading, my picks are below. Some are classics, other are easy reads but all of them are perfect for a summer holiday or relaxing at the weekend. My personal favorites, if you haven’t read them, have to be Rebecca and Black Stallion. Let me know what you think and I would love to hear any of your recommendations..

For Adults

Nine Perfect Strangers. Liane Moriarty 

This book is ideal for easy holiday reading as you sip a cool drink while lying on your sun lounger. Written by the author of the Nicole Kidman/Reese Witherspoon gripping thriller series ‘Big Little Lies’, this script has been bought by Nicole too so expect to see it on your screens shortly. It’s centered around a transformational luxury health centre and tells the stories of nine different guests, each with ‘issues’ of various kinds, whose holiday doesn’t turn out quite the way they imagined it. Seriously and fabulously dysfunctional!


Alias Grace. Margaret Atwood

Were you totally gripped by the dystopian nightmare world of Margaret Atwood’s futuristic ‘The Hand Maiden’s tale? This is her less well-known, but equally moving epic ‘Alias Grace’. Set in earlier days, it tracks the life story of the beautiful and innocent Grace. Is she as guileless as she seems? The victim of a series of terrible injustices? Or is she a calculating sociopath? A murderess or an innocent? Make your own mind up. Stunningly written, and carefully crafted. Not one you will be able to put down in a hurry.


Rebecca.  Daphne du Maurier

If you haven’t read this classic by Daphne du Maurier we suggest you do. It will have you turning pages like no tomorrow. Follow the lives of the dashing Maxim de Winter and his new bride, following the death of his previous wife Rebecca – the wonderful, beautiful and charming Rebecca. This book isn’t as simple as it seems and will take you on a whirlwind journey from the French Riviera to the beautiful valleys of Manderley.


For Children

The Tiger who came to Tea. Judith Kerr

No childhood book list is complete without the tale of the large striped tiger who turns up for a tea party unexpectedly one day and proceeds to eat Sophie and her mother out of house and home. The author, Judith Kerr, died this year at the ripe old age of 95. This is her seminal work, which has sold more than 5 million copies since it was first released in 1968. Not one to be missed.  Having read the book, your children will be ready for the short film being released later this year, starring Dominic Cumberbatch and David Williams.

The Lorax. Dr. Suess

One of Dr Suess’s lesser-known books, but one of his best, it has recently been made into a children’s film. This endearing tale will take you into the world of The Lorax and his bid to save all his creatures big and small. The book will hit home as it essentially reflects the destruction big companies are wreaking on the environment and the Lorax’s bid to save it by ‘speaking for the trees’. A strong message for our times.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas. John Boyne

 A must read for adults and children alike. This book tells the tale of a young boy named Bruno whose family move from the bustling city of Berlin to the quiet and lonely suburbs of Germany. Set in the middle of World War II, it’s truly a whirlwind read and will leave you thinking how lucky you are to be alive at this moment in time. A story of friendship and innocence that will have you and your children turning page after page.

Noughts and Crosses. Malorie Blackman

One of the most impactful children’s books ever written, this story reverses the black white issues of racism that have dominated countries across the world this century and last. The author creates a world where ‘whites’ are the servant class and ‘blacks’ the master, ruling race. A powerful, well written books that really makes both children and adults think. It packs a powerful, thought provoking punch and should be on all our reading lists.

Black Stallion. Walter Farley

A children’s classic that should be read by all, this wonderful book has stood the test of time. The story chronicles the life of a boy named Alec and his black stallion. The book starts with the two meeting on a ship in North Africa and charts their adventures together, which finally lead them back to New York. An inspirational story of man and beast and the strength of that bond.  You and your children will love reading this book.