11th Sep 2019 LOVE IT

Keeping Kids Entertained on the Weekends: NYC

It’s back to school and back to weekends in the city. After the long summer days of playing outside, the transition to routines and school can be hard – especially on the weekend when the weather isn’t quite as kind as it has been for the past few months!

These are the things my family and I are thinking of doing on weekends in the city this fall, and I hope it gives you some ideas about how to entertain your kids.

  1. Super real NYC

Moment Factory, the multimedia entertainment company has partnered up with Cipriani to create a completely immersive experience. They have taken over the 12,000 sq./ft space at 25 Broadway and “turned it into a visceral, multimedia experience.” Here you will find rooms that have been turned into solar systems, whole cities projected before you and so much more. You and your family can walk through all of these different realms and be mesmerized by the ability of modern technology. Another perk is that children under the age of 6 years old can enter for free!

  1. The Natural History Museum

Always a winner for children but if you haven’t been for a while, look at their schedule online for some fun and new activities including. the Ultimate Predator exhibition and the ‘Dive into the Oceans’ show. If you prefer to visit the museum, there are a million and 1 things to see – from ancient civilizations, sea creatures, insects and animals andto our personal favorite – dinosaurs! For more information go to their website.


  1. Pixinity: Pop Futurism

This pop up will be open in Soho from August onwards and features 10 curated rooms filled with sculptures, anything pixelated and ball pits! You and your children will have a completely immersive experience while wondering around and snapping pictures. This pop up isn’t just for photos though. The Artist Tianyu Qiu is trying to use this as a platform for autism awareness and he has partnered with Autism Speaks to help raise support for those who are affected by the condition. It’s worth booking this in advance as it’s an Instagram gold dust and tickets are likely to sell out! Find more information here.

  1. Minimalism/Maximalism at the FIT museum

If your children are into fashion, then there is no better museum for them to visit. The FIT museum is an extension of the school itself and has an incredible archive of clothing. The current exhibition is on minimalism and maximalism and examines the designers who have worked with these themes, at times to extremes. It analyses theculture and the economy at a given time and draws links between the clothes we wear and the state of the economy. Perfect for any little fashionista!

  1. Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo

This is no ordinary trip to the Zoo. The Bronx Zoo has teamed up with famous paleontologist Dom Lessem to create huge life size replicas of your favorite dinosaurs. The dinosaur safari will take you through a world before time. The tour will explain about each of these creatures and make connections between current species and their ancestors. There is also a dig site where your kids can uncover ancient bones and more! An educational and fun day trip for all the family! More information here.


I would love to hear how you keep your kids entertained during the fall weekends?