3rd Oct 2016 READ IT

Toothpaste Toxins


It is unbelievable to think that one of the crucial elements of good hygiene, brushing your teeth, might actually cause harm...

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10th Nov 2014 READ IT

remembrance day

See inside front cover

Learn more about the Second World War and teach children the importance of remembering ...

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10th Oct 2014 READ IT

Enemy Pie

Marie-Chantal Enemy Pie Cover

Enemy Pie is a clever tale with an effective message about how to handle conflcit...

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30th Sep 2014 READ IT

Mr Peabody’s Apples

peabody copy copy

Mr Peabody teaches Tommy Tittlebottom a very good lesson about the consequences of spreading rumours!...

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30th Sep 2014 READ IT

Back to School

too small for school

Help little ones understand how much fun going to school and learning can be!...

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30th Sep 2014 READ IT

How to Behave

How to Behave copy

Teaching children the importance of good behaviour is a tricky thing to do… acclaimed author Munro Leaf gives us mums a helping hand!...

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